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Helping to bring superfast broadband to the New Forest

The UK Government has signalled its desire to bring superfast broadband to rural communities (that's over 24 mbps - current speeds are as low as 0.25mbps in the New Forest).

The National Park Authority is working with New Forest District Council, Hampshire County Council and Wiltshire County Council to help this happen. Many rural communities are going to be connected over the next three years as part of the counties' Broadband Delivery UK roll out. For more information on this please follow these links, where you can find out the latest news:

This roll-out is expected to reach around 90% of properties in the UK. The rural nature of the New Forest means that it is likely to be lower than this in the National Park. The National Park Authority is working with Hampshire County Council, Wiltshire County Council and partners to use additional funding known as the Rural Communities Broadband Fund to reach this 'final 10%'.

We have recently been successful in bidding to this fund with a group of parishes in the south east of the New Forest -  Beaulieu, Denny Lodge, East Boldre and Exbury and Lepe. It is a two-stage process so we are currently putting together the second stage, as well as looking into how this fund and subsequent rounds of funding can be used in other areas of the Park.

Residents and business survey

We need your help to help improve Broadband speeds in the New Forest by filling in a broadband survey. The survey will inform the roll out and in gaining evidence for need for superfast broadband will support a full application to the Rural Communities Broadband Fund.

Through this survey we wish to understand more about your existing broadband provision, any limitations you may have and the way in which you'd like to see things in the future. Please spare five minutes by completing the survey below. All answers will be treated confidentially.



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