Community projects

Tatchbury Mount Hospital, Calmore

This is an on-going project that started in May 2012 to improve an area within the hospital grounds for the benefit of wildlife, staff and service users.

Different groups have been able to work towards improving the site for nature and for people’s enjoyment:

  • Advice was given by Pond Conservation, New Forest Land Advice Service and New Forest National Park Authority officers and rangers. They gave recommendations on how best to manage the site, create habitats for wildlife and provide benefits to its users
  • A new boardwalk was built by volunteers from Hampshire Conservation Volunteers
  • A deadwood pile and pond habitats were created by volunteers from Youth Options.

‘The Tatchbury Nature project is exciting a lot of interest and has been growing by the week. As organiser, I am grateful for the strong support of the National Park Authority staff, whether it has been helping out with our volunteer days or advice given about creating good habitats for biodiversity and access. The project is a great example of different organisations pulling together to achieve something really worthwhile.’ David Harrison

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