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Lover Green Pond

A pond restoration project aiming to benefit wildlife achieved instant success, with a family of newts returning to the site.

The pond is situated in Lover in the north of the New Forest and had become overgrown in recent years, making it less attractive to wildlife.

The project received nearly £2,000 in funding from the New Forest National Park Authority’s Sustainable Communities Fund and has been led by the Lover Green Association. This support has helped volunteers to successfully restore the pond to its former glory, with the aim of benefiting amphibians, wild flowers and insects.

Professional contractors removed overhanging trees and undertook landscaping work to prepare the site. Around 30 volunteers then helped to shift tonnes of sand and put down the underlay and huge rubber liner, before filling the pond with water, all under the supervision of New Forest National Park Authority ranger Craig Daters.

The benefit to local wildlife was immediately obvious, as the following day saw newts, water beetles and pond skaters making themselves at home in the pond.  

The SCF is a grants scheme run by the New Forest National Park Authority that helps promote sustainable living and working within the National Park, with grants available for up to 75 per cent of a project’s cost.

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