Green Open Doors

Efford Mill


Efford Mill dates back to the Domesday Book.  Most of the building is Georgian/Victorian solid brick with tile/slate roofing.It is a large, rambling property and difficult to insulate effectively. Hot water and heating is supplied to the original radiators and newer under floor heating by a ground sourced heat pump located in the river bed. Three wood-fired stoves supplement the heating and a 4 kW solar photovoltaic system mounted in the garden provides electricity. The old mill waterwheel is undergoing restoration with a view to setting up a micro-hydro power installation, which will generate energy to power the heat pump.

Featuresgreen open doors

  • Double glazing/secondary
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Insulation (roof/part floors)
  • Solar PV
  • Water butts
  • Woodburners

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