Green Open Doors

Video tours

These videos are perfect if you are looking for inspiration for your own property, or you want an idea of what's in store for the next Green Open Doors.

Let previous Green Open Doors participants show you around their innovative homes, and then make a note of the date of the next event to come along and see the eco-technologies in person.


  1. Green Open Doors
  2. Video tours (you are here)
  3. Avon Tyrrell
  4. Cowley Road
  5. Ipley Manor
  6. Efford Mill
  7. Wynford
  8. Brackenhurst
  9. Woodcutters
  10. Ferny Crofts
  11. Willow Avenue
  12. Seymour Road
  13. Woodruff Cottage
  14. Downton Green Energy Day


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