Green Open Doors

green open doors

Woodruff Cottage

Woodruff Cottage was built in 1956 as a three bedroom detached bungalow and extended in 1995 by the current owners with two rooms in the loft space and a kitchen extension with cellar.  A solar thermal system provides the majority of hot water during the summer months and a woodburning stove supplements the heating system in the winter.  A 3.3kW solar PV system was installed in 2011. 

Richard and Paula also have a large vegetable garden, greenhouse and 8 chickens providing lots of sustainable food!

  • Double glazing
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Insulation (roof, floor, wall)
  • Solar PV
  • Solar thermal
  • Woodburner

  1. Green Open Doors
  2. Video tours
  3. Avon Tyrrell
  4. Cowley Road
  5. Ipley Manor
  6. Efford Mill
  7. Wynford
  8. Brackenhurst
  9. Woodcutters
  10. Ferny Crofts
  11. Willow Avenue
  12. Seymour Road
  13. Woodruff Cottage (you are here)
  14. Downton Green Energy Day


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