Green Open Doors

green open doors

Willow Avenue


18 Willow Avenue is a bungalow built some 30 plus years ago.  Five years ago an air-source heat pump was installed and solar panels were added four years ago.  The gas supply was then completely cut off (anyone want an old gas boiler?!).  The ambition is to produce enough power to be self-sufficient using the National Grid only as a buffer.


  • Air-source heat pump
  • Double glazing
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Insulation (roof//walls)
  • Solar PV
  • Solar thermal

  1. Green Open Doors
  2. Video tours
  3. Avon Tyrrell
  4. Cowley Road
  5. Ipley Manor
  6. Efford Mill
  7. Wynford
  8. Brackenhurst
  9. Woodcutters
  10. Ferny Crofts
  11. Willow Avenue (you are here)
  12. Seymour Road
  13. Woodruff Cottage
  14. Downton Green Energy Day


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