Sustainable Development Fund projects 2006-14

Bee feeds on a flower

SDF small grants

Grants of up to £500 pound have been awarded to the projects below.

Ringwood School drought garden

SDF grant £500 (100% of total project cost)

Ringwood School created a drought garden as a teaching resource to highlight climate change. The garden is mulched with gravel to reduce water loss and plants adapted to low water conditions have been selected. A small solar panel powers a water feature highlighting alternative energy sources. The garden was built by the students and staff of the school.

St Mark’s Churchyard vegetable plots

SDF grant £490 (100% of total project cost)

A grant was approved to construct three raised beds from FSC timber which will be filled with peat-free compost. The project will provide vegetables for the local community and opportunities for adults and children to actively engage in vegetable gardening.

‘Greening the New Forest’ workshop

£478 was awarded for Forest Holidays campsite managers to take part in a ‘Greening the New Forest’ one-day workshop, where they learnt about environmental issues and how to reduce the footprint of their campsites.

Purchase of camcorder

£499 was awarded to the New Forest Section of Hampshire Field Club for the purchase of a digital camcorder which will be used to record changes in the Forest landscapes.

Honeybees to the people!
£363 has been awarded to the New Forest Beekeepers Association for the purchase of mobile observation hive and associated material for use in exhibitions, shows and talks.

New Forest wildlife guides
£351 was awarded to Sandleheath Sea Scouts for the purchase of identification guides of New Forest wildlife for use by Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Golden Hill regeneration
£455 was awarded to Hordle Parish Council to enable volunteers to carry out practical conservation work at Golden Hill.

Sway memorabilia weekend
£150 was awarded to part-fund a weekend exhibition of photographs and articles depicting the history of the village of Sway.

New Forest outdoor science project
£500 was awarded to enable teachers from five local schools to take an Open Country Award, providing them with the necessary skills to explore the New Forest with their students for ecological fieldwork.

Allotment regeneration
£300 was awarded to part-fund the clearance of the last section of Lyndhurst allotment site in preparation for additional plots to be let out to parishioners.

Super-insulated rooms
£400 was awarded to New Forest Transition to explore how the insulation of older New Forest properties can be improved to increase their energy efficiency, without having a detrimental affect on their appearance.

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