Sustainable Development Fund projects 2006-14

Mushrooms grow on the woodland floor

Transport projects

New Forest Activities mini coach tours

total project cost £103,097

SDF grant £19,241 (18% of total)

This project aims to provide a service for visitors to the New Forest and residents so that they can enjoy the forest without being dependent on their cars. Transport to and from campsites and accommodation providers, tours of the Forest and a group booking service will be available, helping to reduce traffic levels. Research will be undertaken to analyse behaviour and determine if such a service will encourage people to undertake car-free holidays.

Beaulieu bus stop and view point

total project costs £11,950

SDF grant £8,000 (67% of total)

This project has replaced the old, dilapidated bus shelter in Beaulieu village with an improved facility in-keeping with the unique Beaulieu design. The new bus shelter provides seating on both sides, providing an ideal spot to view the Mill Pond Site of Special Scientific Interest and Palace House. It is intended that the new, more pleasant shelter will encourage people to make more use of local bus services, including the New Forest Tour.

Credit: Beaulieu Settled Estate

Discover the New Forest

total project costs £12,688
SDF grant £4,050 (32%) of total

This project which has now ended, worked with a variety of specific groups in New Milton to explore the issues associated with accessing the National Park by public transport and how it can be improved.

Credit: New Forest District Council

New Forest horse-drawn omnibus

The Sustainable Development Fund supported the establishment of a horse-drawn omnibus service based in Ringwood that offers visitors to the New Forest an alternative mode of transport to the car.

Launched in 2007 the service has continued to develop and offers a variety of different routes servicing a range of visitor attractions, pubs and villages within the National Park.

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