Sustainable Development Fund projects 2006-14

Thatched cottages

Local goods

BioMap New Forest

total project cost £14,530

SDF grant £10,880 (75% of total)

The aim of this project was to promote the use of wood fuel as a sustainable energy source by developing both demand and supply within the New Forest area. A range of workshops and advice visits were held with both landowners and potential wood fuel users.

Credit: Duncan East

Peterson Swing mill

total project costs £12,000
SDF grant £4,800 (40% of total)

The Sustainable Development Fund awarded a grant to a New Forest tree surgeon to purchase a Peterson Mobile Swing Mill.

Often when trees have to be felled or when they fall down they are logged up for firewood or left to decay as there is no viable means of turning them into valuable timber. The use of a Peterson Mobile Swing Mill enables them to be turned into valuable and useful lumber which can then be used to create a variety of local timber products.

It is anticipated that increasing the supply of quality local timber products will play a role in decreasing the use of imported timber from non-sustainable sources.

Thatching straw production

total project costs £45,870
SDF grant £18,348 (40% of total)

Thatching has been one of the principle roofing traditions within the New Forest and it is therefore a major contributor to the character and appearance of the area, with thatched buildings existing in virtually every village and hamlet within the New Forest National Park.

The dominant materials used were long straw and combed wheat straw. Over recent years this tradition has come under threat due to a combination of reasons including increased use of water reed, poor harvests, changes in agricultural practices and thatchers reaching retirement age.

The Sustainable Development Fund awarded a grant to a local thatcher to grow appropriate thatching straw varieties in the New Forest National Park, suitable for use in the area. This was trialled during 2009 and, having been successful, has been expanded during 2010.

Visit: The Thatcher

The charcoal challenge

total project costs £10,100
SDF grant £5,950 (59% of total)

This project, run by the Small Woods Association, will undertake a range of activities and events within the New Forest National Park to support local coppice and greenwood craft workers, promoting their unique local skills and services to new markets and clients within the National Park area.  

Credit: Peter Jameson

Nappy bliss

total project costs £22,547
SDF grant £6,200 (27% of total)

Over 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away each day, with each disposable nappy using a cup of oil to produce and transport and taking up to 500 years to decay. Washable nappies remove the need to manufacture, transport and then dispose of nappies and associated waste in landfill or incineration. Nappy Bliss, a locally owned and based real nappy service, has received an SDF grant to increase the promotion of real nappies, produce their own biodiesel to fuel the delivery vehicle and develop its laundry service.

Visit: Nappy Bliss

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