Sustainable Development Fund projects 2006-14

Cropped wood fuel

Green technologies

Forestry Commission biomass feasibility study

total project costs £4,000

SDF grant: £3,000 (75% of total)

Funding was awarded for a feasibility study into a biomass district heating system which will serve Queen’s House (New Forest HQ of the Forestry Commission) and several local community buildings, two of which have heating systems that require replacing. The study will look at the heat load requirements of the buildings involved, the size of the boiler needed and planning requirements.

New Forest Show Society rainwater harvesting

total project costs £6,880

SDF grant £5,160 (75% of total)

The Agricultural Show is held over the last week of July and on average attracts 90,000 people. At the centre of the event are two show rings which must be aerated and then irrigated. With water levels lowering and the cost of water increasing the Society wanted to find a more cost effective and eco-friendly way to water the site. Funding was granted towards the purchasing and installation of a rainwater harvesting tank that will collect water from a barn roof.

Ipley Manor district heating system

total project costs £70,725

SDF grant £21,218 (30% of total)

The Sustainable Development Fund contributed funding towards the installation of a biomass district heating system on the Ipley Manor Estate.  The system provides space heating and hot water to five dwellings and is fuelled by woodchip produced from the sustainable management of the estate woodlands. A number of workshops and site visits have been held to promote the project as an example of sustainable living and it has been instrumental in encouraging others to move towards the use of biomass energy.

Composting toilets at Avon Tyrrell Activity Centre

total project costs £14,300
SDF grant £9,000 (63% of total)

SDF funding was awarded to Avon Tyrrell Activity Centre to install two composting toilets, replacing chemical portaloo type facilities. The composting toilets are more environmentally friendly as they use no water or chemicals and the waste does not need to be removed from site. The project forms part of a broader strategy to look at efficiency, environmental and sustainability issues at Avon Tyrrell and will be used to pass on the message about the importance of conservation and sustainability of resources to the centre’s visitors. In fact, the toilets have already attracted considerable interest from people using the site!

Lyndhurst Community Centre biomass heating system

Lyndhurst Community Centre has received two grants from the Sustainable Development Fund in relation to the biomass heating system.

total project costs: £5,005
fund grant: £3,754 (75% of total)

The first was to draw up detailed design plans of how the system will be incorporated into the existing heating facilities in the building. This project also included sizing the boiler, identifying a location for the wood fuel and exploring potential local fuel sources.

total project costs: £67,132
fund grant: £25,000 (37% of total)

The second grant was towards the costs of installing the woodchip boiler and fuel store. A range of energy efficiency measures were implemented at the centre prior to installation of the new biomass heating system.

Foxlease Girl Guiding centre

total project costs £3,975
SDF grant £2,981 (75% of total)

Foxlease Girl Guiding Centre in Lyndhurst was awarded a grant to undertake a feasibility study into the installation of a biomass district heating system. The system would provide space and hot water heating for a variety of buildings on the site and would be fuelled using locally sourced wood chip. The study has now been completed and has found that the installation of a biomass heating systems is feasible.

Tidal power feasibility

total project costs £32,559
SDF grant £16,280 (50% of total)

Tidal stream power is the production of electricity from the natural flow of the tides. Energy from the moving water turns a turbine which, in turn, drives a generator and produces electricity. It is clean, renewable and predictable energy. The Solent area has high tidal energy levels and is an attractive site for investigation. This project is to study the potential of the area, consult with the local community, understand the environmental impacts and study the engineering aspects.

Cottage Lodge eco-bedrooms

total project costs £103,000
SDF grant £31,000 (30% of total)

Cottage Lodge is a successful bed and breakfast located in the heart of Brockenhurst, which the proprietor endeavours to run sustainably. Guests are encouraged to explore the area in a car-free way, many energy and water saving measures are in place and local food and drink are served. Cottage Lodge has been awarded a grant from the Sustainable Development Fund for the development of two new ‘eco-bedrooms’ which will be as self-sufficient as possible – guests will even be able to generate their own electricity! The bedrooms will demonstrate that it is possible to create high quality visitor accommodation in a sustainable way.


South Baddesley primary school PV system

total project costs £48,903
SDF grant £13,927 (28% of total)

South Baddesley Primary School has implemented a range of sustainability measures such as becoming a bronze Eco School, increasing the energy efficiency of the school building and monitoring energy consumption. This project is to further increase the school’s sustainability by installing an array of photovoltaic panels on the school hall roof which will be linked to a data screen showing the electricity generated in real time and in historical terms.

Visit: South Baddesley Primary school

Composting toilets at All Saints Church

total project costs £16,050
SDF grant £12,037 (75% of total)

This project is to install a composting toilet at All Saints Church, Minstead, demonstrating a more sustainable alternative to the many church users.

Ferny Crofts ground source heat pump and sustainability improvements

total project costs £72,829
SDF grant £36,415 (50% of total)

Ferny Crofts Scout Centre has received a grant from the Sustainable Development Fund towards the installation of a ground source heat pump to heat the building using renewable energy. As well as installing this system, the centre is also undertaking a number of other improvements to increase its sustainability such as improving the insulation of building and installing a solar energy system.

Chewton Glen biomass feasibility

total project costs £4,230
SDF grant £1,692 (40% of total)

Chewton Glen Hotel on the edge of the New Forest has received an SDF grant towards the cost of carrying out a feasibility study to explore the possibility of installing a biomass heating system. If the system proves feasibility it will be fuelled by wood obtained from the sustainable management of New Forest woodlands. This is part of the work the hotel is undertaking to reduce its carbon output.

New Forest anaerobic digestion - phase 1 feasibility

total project costs £7,500
SDF grant £3,000 (40% of total)

This is a project to carry out initial investigations into the possibility of obtaining energy from waste using small-scale anaerobic digestion systems in the New Forest area.

New Forest outdoor centre environmentally friendly heating and water system

total project costs £15,365
SDF grant £6,146 (40% of total)

This is a project to install a biomass heating system using locally sourced wood supplemented with a solar panel to provide heating and hot water to the New Forest Outdoor Centre at Emery Down. In addition, a rain water harvesting system will be installed, the water from which will be used for toilet flushing.

Visit:New Forest Outdoor Centre
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