Sustainable Development Fund projects 2006-14

Sustainable buildings

Eco-dormitory at Minstead study centre

total project costs £33,200
SDF grant £17,910 (75% of total)

The fund has supported a number of sustainability and education features as part of the construction of an Eco-Dormitory for use by school children participating in residential environmental education programmes in the New Forest.  Features supported included solar panels, 'eco-friendly' insulation materials and a specially designed display enabling children to measure their energy use during their stay and the amount generated by the solar panels.

New Forest study centre treehouse

total project costs £33,200
SDF grant £22,000 (73% of total)

This project was to replace the old New Forest Study Centre buildings at the Countryside Education Trust, Beaulieu with an innovative, sustainable and unique treehouse.

The Sustainable Development Fund contributed funds towards the installation of a biomass heating system (the fuel for which is obtained by the sustainable management of on-site woodlands) and rainwater harvesting system.  Theses systems have been incorporated into the learning experience of children who visit the centre.

The treehouse was officially opened by Alan Titchmarsh in 2008.


Strawbale classroom at Avon Tyrell

total project costs £41,640
SDF grant £20,000 (48% of total)

Avon Tyrrell Activity Centre received an SDF grant to construct an eco-friendly strawbale classroom as a base for environmental education activities at the centre. The classroom has a timber frame with strawbale in-fill, a green roof, a wood-burning stove and a composting toilet.

Much of the construction was carried out by volunteers who have learnt traditional building skills.

The Strawbale Classroom has won the Sustainable Built Environment category in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sustainable Business Partnership Awards 2010.

Photo credit: UK Youth


total project costs £6,350
SDF grant £4,600 (72% of total)

This is a partnership project between the Solent Centre for Architecture and Design and ArtSway to explore the possibilities for incorporating sustainable building design into rural settings.

The project will investigate the feasibility of developing a series of temporary buildings in the New Forest National Park that address issues such as sustainable building design, recycling, energy conservation, local distinctiveness and appropriateness.

Eco development project at Avon Tyrrell

total project costs £16,500
SDF grant £10,000 (61% of total)

A variety of work is being undertaken at Avon Tyrrell Activity Centre to reduce the centre’s negative environmental impacts. As part of this work the centre has received a Sustainable Development Fund grant to explore how one of the buildings can be redeveloped in as sustainable manner as possible, incorporating eco building techniques and renewable energies.

Lyndhurst Scouts centenary building

total project costs £238,407
SDF grant £25,000 (10% of total)

Lyndhurst Scouts have replaced their old and inadequate building with a new purpose built centre. They were awarded a grant from the Sustainable Development Fund towards the cost of incorporating sustainability features into the building, which included rainwater harvesting system, sheep’s wool insulation and solar water heating.

Woodgreen community shop

total project costs £38,192
SDF grant £25,000 (65% of total)

The Woodgreen Community Shop Association aims to save the last remaining village shop and Post Office in this cluster of villages (Woodgreen, Breamore and Godshill) and to retain this vital amenity for the villages in the long term. As the current non-renewable lease expires in December 2011 the aim is to provide a new purpose built community building to house the shop and post office that address aspects of sustainability.

The Community Shop Association have been awarded an SDF grant towards the cost of including energy saving measures in the construction of the building and installing an air-source heat pump and heat recovery ventilation unit to utilise the warm air generated by appliances and increase efficiency in temperature control.

Milford-on-sea Community Centre biomass and green roof

total project costs £78,894
SDF grant £25,000 (32% of total)

A new Community Centre building is being constructed to replace the previous two portacabins, which will have dedicated facilities for youth groups and much improved facilities to meet the diverse needs of the community. The new building is being constructed to incorporate the latest energy saving ideas and technology together with an awareness of the need to create minimum pollution and waste ad to contribute less to climate change. The centre has received an SDF grant towards the cost of installing a biomass heating system fuelled by wood pellets and a sedum roof.

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