Planning policies and guidance

houses at Beaulieu

Before the New Forest National Park was designated in 2005 there were separate plans for New Forest district, Test Valley borough and Wiltshire county, and the New Forest was covered by hundreds of different planning policies.

After the National Park Authority took responsibility for planning these were condensed into a set of 42 concise policies in the New Forest National Park Core Strategy, which is used to guide decisions on planning applications within the whole of the Park.

The Core Strategy and the Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and New Forest National Park Minerals and Waste Core Strategy together form a simplified Development Plan for the New Forest National Park.

The boundaries of the defined villages and the defined shopping frontages, the existing conservation areas and nature conservation designations are all shown on the Proposals Map. This is linked to the Core Strategy and covers the whole of the National Park area.

The National Park Design Guide aims to achieve high standards of design in new development while retaining and enhancing the distinctive character of the natural and built environment. It supports the pre-application process by advising applicants, agents and others how to respond to the features and rural characteristics that make the New Forest special when designing their proposals.

The requirements for car parking provision associated with new development, sustainable construction, open space provision, affordable housing and the consideration of development close to the protected New Forest habitats are set out in the Development Standards Supplementary Planning Document.


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