Dog walkers in the forest

Countryside Access

The New Forest National Park has over 30,000 hectares of accessible countryside and 325 kilometres of public rights of way for you to explore and enjoy.

The Crown lands, which are managed by the Forestry Commission, make up the majority of the accessible land. Although there are few designated public rights of way on the Crown lands, there are many tracks and paths to follow across the open heathland and through the woodlands. Walkers and horse-riders are free to explore anywhere in the Crown lands. There are also over 100 miles of tracks where cycling is permitted by the Forestry Commission.

The rights of way in the area are a great way to experience the New Forest on foot, bicycle or horseback. They are managed by Hampshire County Council and Wiltshire Council.

The Ordnance Survey Explorer Series maps clearly show both access land and public rights of way. Up to date information about open access land is available from the Natural England website.

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