Mosaic for young people

Mosaic aims to engage young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years, particularly those from disadvantaged  backgrounds, to experience National Parks and encourage them to become 'champions' for these special landscapes.

With unemployment rising in this age group, and local frontline support services including youth clubs and youth workers being cut, there is increasing pressure on a generation of young people.  Projects like Mosaic make a difference; they can play a big part in tackling the social problems many young people face, offering opportunities to develop skills that can be invaluable later on in life. 

More than anything, being outdoors in a special place like a National Park offers an important escape from the often chaotic and stressful lives many disadvantaged young people live. These landscapes are inspirational places and can give young people the opportunity to try new experiences and develop vital skills that can help them cope with the worries and challenges of modern life both now and as they reach adulthood.

Mosaic for young people focuses on young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years from some of the most deprived communities both within the New Forest boundaries and close by. We work with young people from a range of backgrounds, though with a particular emphasis on those individuals who face additional barriers to accessing the opportunities offered by the National Parks and the YHA.

The key thing about Mosaic is that it is youth led.  The 'young champions' decide how they want to get involved and how the project will evolve. The youth workers and project staff simply give them the confidence and support to make their ambitions a reality.

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