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Organising a visit and fundraising training 17 April 2010
To enable participants to work independently, 11 Mosaic Community Champions took part in a one day training course based at Brockenhurst village hall, to help them plan, organise and run events for their groups in the New Forest. Along with the Project Officer, three Community Champions contributed to the training – sharing their knowledge and experience with the team. It was an beautiful spring day with a blue sky unsullied by aircraft trails.

Feedback on what went well in the day included: the organising, timing and practical tips; the organising a visit segment was very enlightening; participation by Champions & the sharing of information.

Suhana Day Centre of Southampton trip to the New Forest 16 July 2010
Planned and organised by Mosaic Community Champion Arzoo Iqbal, a group of 33 people from the Suhana Centre in Southampton visited the New Forest to learn more about its special qualities. Many had already visited but had not experienced the variety of activities available to them and their families. The talks by colleagues in the New Forest Centre, the Forestry Commission and Lepe Country Park were so popular with the group, who would usually have spent the day in Southall, that further trips are planned.

Arzoo commented: It was a real experience for our members- Since they had never done a trip like this before- so it was like a mystery trip to begin with and then of course in the end the feed back I had was fantastic and they came to know how much there is to see and enjoy- it was a real educational/awareness trip for them and you will be happy to hear that they are arranging to organise trips like this in future as well. I take this opportunity of thanking you and all the other staff of New Forest who were very good in giving us the guided tour which was superb.

New Forest at the Southampton Mela 17 July 2010
Andy Brennan, Winnie Sandhu and Clare Taylor ran the New Forest stall at the wonderful celebration of Asian art, music, culture and food that took place in Southampton. This was the second year we had been present and interest was extremely high from all festival goers, with many requests for information, plus lots of interest in the Mosaic initiative. Mosaic Community Champions Arzoo Iqbal, Ranjan Patel and Andy Lai all had to work on the day for their organisations but made time to visit the stall. This urban event confirms how popular the New Forest is with local people.

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