Mosaic BME

Ladies day out

New Forest walks with Indian-Caribbean food and SONGS!

On 20th November 2011 the New Forest’s visitors and its wealth of beauty witnessed something which might have been surprised them: a group of ladies, aged from late 20’s to early 90’s walking, talking, singing, enjoying and soaking up the mesmerising beauty of the New Forest with childlike enthusiasm and innocence!

Personally, it was one of the most satisfactory experiences I have had, since I had opportunity to organise this truly magical and memorable trip for a group of ladies who represent different cultures, religions and countries yet they all have same zest of life.

Last but not least, I would like express my gratitude toward to all the partner agencies and the commoners for looking after and preserving such jewels for future generations!


A perfect day out in the treasures of the New Forest with a group of hearty people and lovely autumn sunshine! 

It was our privilege to experience the picturesque Autumn Beauty of the New Forest with its beautiful natural flora, fauna, wildlife and animals of the New Forest.  The end of the day was beautifully captured like a cherry on the cake with the Sunset at Lepe Beach. 

It was a pleasure to have Nigel, Zoe and Sarah educate us on the day and not forgetting Michael (the driver) for being so tolerant with the ladies singing and giggling!  The day out has awakened our interest to explore further the exquisite and magnificent Gem that is at our doorstep - 'The New Forest'.  

It was a truly amazing day and I am glad that Lathaben and I had our cameras to capture the whole day. 


Thank you for such a lovely Autumn Sunday out in the New Forest!

A big Thank You for spending the day with us ladies and giving us the information on the New Forest, the Natural Beauty of Autumn change of the colours of the trees was beautiful and the animals that live there, and the lovely mushrooms and the berries that grow in the new forest! And the pond life I could go on!

I absolutely enjoyed the day, such lovely memories we took away with us! Beautiful sunset was awesome at the end of the day!  The icing on the cake! Thank you :)


I live on the door step of the Forest but life gets very busy with family and we take it for granted.  I enjoyed specially walking around early morning around the Blackwater enclosure watching the ponies from the distance.

We listened to the birds in the picturesque woods, and found red polka dotted mushrooms which was brilliant. Special moment the sunset at the Lepe was amazing.

It was lovely to get away from usual Sunday routine! It certainly blew my cob webs
Thank you for keeping me inspired


On behalf of Dot, Sandra and myself we wish to say a big thank you for planning and organising the day. I think we could improve on the singing, don’t you?

We learnt a great deal about the New Forest, our guides were informative and very patient. The food was excellent and even the rain was kind.

Our only regret was that we did not see any deer. Perhaps we could do this again next spring.


Bahuj Majja Aavi (Guajarati for Enjoyed very much!)

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