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Chinese visit spring 2010

On 26 May 2010 Mosaic Community Champion Andy Lai, took a group of 16 people from the Chinese community of Southampton to visit Bolderwood and Brockenhurst. After the visit Andy wrote the following encouraging comments. 

“We were greeted by the Forestry Commission recreation ranger Zoe Cox at the information point of Bolderwood just before 11.00 am. Zoe gave us detailed information of New Forest, of course including different deer. All members did enjoy the talk. Later we moved to the deer enclosure and watched the deer. After that, we walked around the woodland area for 30 minutes. 

“We then proceeded to Brockenhurst and visited the Setley Ridge Vineyard. Subsequently, we have a nice picnic lunch by the Setley Ridge Pond. Everyone enjoyed the location and the lovely weather and the lunch. We did have a short shopping trip in Lymington before we returned to Southampton. 

“All in all, it is a successful trip. The feedback is positive.”

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