Mosaic BME

Annual event 2011

The 2011 gathering of Mosaic Community Champions from across England was held at Avon Tyrrell Activity Centre in the New Forest. It was a hugely successful event with about 100 people involved overall, 75 of which were champions. All the following comments came directly from local New Forest champions after the event.

“My first thoughts of the event when I initially read about it was a slight disappointment as it was within local territory and as I had recently completed a residential trip in the New Forest, I thought it might get a bit boring. However, reading further about the Saturday activities, I started getting all excited. I soon began to realise that although having lived in the area for a number of years, there was plenty more to discover in the New Forest, starting from Avon Tyrrell.”

“My Saturday visit was at Blashford Lakes, a nature reserve that I had not heard of prior to the annual event. The day was funfilled with lots of activities discovering nature.”

“Since we knew that this was the last time we were meeting altogether as Community Champions we made the best use of it - every minute was precious so we left no stones unturned in enjoying ourselves. Even felt drunk without drinking (infectious enthusiasm).

“The weekend at the New Forest was wonderful and a memorable one. It could also be like a dream come true - specially when we had the opportunity of seeing and meeting people from all walks of life and from all over the country sharing our experiences and of course socialising and entertaining ourselves.”

“Being a New Forest champion, I felt like the host and did try to get a lot of feed back from the other champions. Believe me at the end of the tour everyone was so happy and enjoyed being here. The early morning walk learning about the birds and the forest was also a good experience for most of the champions.”

“The coastal trip activity in which I took part was brilliant - lots of learning and awareness took place not forgetting geography, history etc. Thanks to James (our leader) who explained to us so nicely. I also had the opportunity to learn how to steer the boat.”

“In all, the weekend was funfilled, both on activities and socialising and dancing the nights away. The knowledge and experience gained from the trip will help to provide information to others and promote the New Forest more effectively.”

"It has been many years since I have been amongst so many people in one place who are so sincere and welcoming. It was truley inspirational.  the activity I chose was great and a valuable insight into yet more aspects of the New forest of which I was unaware. Thank you to eveyone for making this weekend so enjoyable.

"It was magical, superb and wonderful.”

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