Mosaic BME

Mosaic was a project led by the Campaign for National Parks (CNP) based around all 10 English National Parks. Its aim was to help people from black and minority ethnic groups (BME) discover these wonderful places. It ran for three years, from 2009-2012, and was a great success.

Research shows that although 10% of the population nationwide is of an ethnic minority background, a far smaller percentage of visitors to national parks are from ethnic minorities.

These communities are often prevented from enjoying our special landscapes because of a lack of information, transport difficulties and perceptions that national parks are not for their communities.

Nigel Matthews, Community and Visitor Services Manager, was the main contact between CNP and the New Forest National Park Authority.

He said: 'For its long-term protection the National Park needs the support and understanding not only of local residents but of people from nearby cities; visitors of all ages, backgrounds, faiths and ethnic groups should be able to become involved.'

'Everyone should have an opportunity to discover our natural environment and the associated health benefits of being in the outdoors as well.'

The Mosaic Project’s aims in the New Forest National Park were to:

  1. Establish a network of Community Champions in Southampton – people who will promote the National Park within black and minority ethnic groups in the city.
  2. Ensure the National Park Authority and other New Forest organisations are welcoming and have positive links with black and minority ethnic communities.

The various accounts from Community Champions on this website show that the project was a great success.

Although the direct link with CNP has now come to an end, the project continues in the form of New Forest Community Champion Volunteers, coordinated by the National Park Authority.

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