World War I

World War I

New Forest Remembers World War I Project

With the start of World War I in 1914, thousands of British troops were recalled from across the Empire and locations were needed to accommodate them across the south coast near to the ports of Portsmouth and Southampton.

Little survives today of the camps, hospitals and training areas to remind us of the role the New Forest played during the Great War of 1914 to 1918.

But in commemoration, the New Forest National Park Authority is launching our New Forest Remembers World War I Project to collect as much information about the role the Forest played, supporting local groups in telling their local story and making this information available via an online archive, building on the success our World War II project.

We invite all local groups, societies and or individuals researching World War I in the New Forest to get in touch to share your findings and contribute to telling the Forest’s story during World War I. 

If you would like more detail or how you can get involved or want to let us know what you are doing please contact us via:

You can also contact the Project Officer directly:

Gareth Owen 

Education and Outreach Officer, New Forest Remembers projects

Direct Line: 01590 646652


Picture caption: Troops of the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards marching from the Tower of London to a camp at Lyndhurst in the New Forest where the 7th Division was forming. 15/16 September 1914 © IWM Q 57105

Digital Portal 

World war i patients and nurses at tin town hospital in brockenhurst courtesy of tile barn centre cropped

The New Forest Remembers: Untold Stories of World War II project brought together a vast amount of information from public and private collections relating to the New Forest’s part in the defence of Britain and the preparations for the D-Day invasion. The information gathered is available, to all, via the project’s digital portal.

The new modified portal will include World War I memories and archives in the New Year. But in the meantime some of the current map features will temporarily be removed until the website's 2015 revamp is complete. 

Picture caption: World War I patients and staff at Tile Barn, Brockenhurst. Picture courtesy of Tile Barn

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