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The New Forest area is well-known for its wildlife and beautiful scenery, but did you realise the Forest played a vital role in World War II?

The New Forest Remembers project aims to bring the war years alive for a wide range of people including residents, visitors, schools and community groups, and by offering volunteering opportunities.

Alongside the archaeological survey we are working to capture memories of the New Forest during this important period in our history, but to do this we need your help;

Do you or someone you know:

  • remember the New Forest just before, during or shortly after the Second World War?
  • have any items, objects, artefacts or memorabilia?
  • have any photographs, ID cards, ration books, log books, service cards, posters, tickets and tags, newspapers, supplements, recipe books and guides or any other documents from this period in the New Forest?

The New Forest is working on compiling a digital archive that will be publically accessible, using scanned documents and photographs (both then and now), photographing artefacts and recording memories.

Please note we are not collecting actual artefacts apart from a few small items for our education collection; however we are working closely with local and national museums so if you are keen to donate your WWII artefacts or memorabilia we can put you in contact with the best location to do so.

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