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The New Forest Remembers: Untold Stories of World War II project has brought together a vast amount of information from public and private collections relating to the New Forest’s part in the defence of Britain and the preparations for and launch of the D-Day invasion. The information gathered is available, to all, via the project’s digital portal.

WWII documents

The interactive portal is an online archive and holds a wealth of documents, information, photographs, film footage, written and oral histories as well as maps, survey data and 3D computer reconstructions all relating to sites and activities carried out in the New Forest area during WWII.

You will be able to read, see and hear our history, in some cases told by the people that lived through these changing times.

Some of the map features on the portal will temporarily be removed until the New Year as the website undergoes a revamp for 2015 to include World War I memories and records

WWII New Forest Spitfire

Gareth Owen, New Forest Remembers Education and Outreach Officer, said: ‘We’ve brought archaeology, history and living memories together for the first time, assembling the puzzle of the New Forest during World War II.’

You can get involved in piecing the jigsaw together. Get ready to register and log in to add your thoughts, knowledge and history.

Gareth Owen said: ‘Once registered you can leave comments and details to already posted material and upload your own or family information of time spent in the New Forest during World War II.’  

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