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World War II archaeology

The Heritage Lottery Fund and partner funded ‘New Forest Remembers – Untold Stories of World War II’ archaeology project was established by the NFNPA in 2012 in order to address the current lack of knowledge and understanding of the New Forest’s Second World War structures and features.

It was felt that a detailed investigation and an adequate assessment of this period were urgently required before individual memories of the war were lost, and a large resource disappeared.

The project broadly divides into four main phases. The first phase (data collection and assessment) will be used to inform and enhance the following three phases (phase 2: field surveys and dissemination; phase 3: memories; and phase 4: understanding and learning about wartime New Forest) over the course of the project.

The first phase included the commissioning of an archaeological desk based assessment, which drew together information about World War II installations all over the New Forest from a wide range of sources, including archaeological records, aerial mapping and LiDAR survey. This information has been collated into a report which can be read below and a database that lists approximately 40,000 individual records for structures and sites. The significance of these sites has been assessed relative to national and local examples and based on their frequency and state of survival.

The report, database and assessment of significance is now being explored and updated by National Park project staff and a large team of active volunteers. This team are out surveying the surviving sites and seeking to add additional information through the personal memories, photos and documents coming to light.

Phase 1: Data Collection and Assessment Reports

New Forest Remembers Archaeological Desk Based Assessment

New Forest Remembers Archaeological DBA Appendix 1 & 2

New Forest Remembers Archaeological DBA Appendix 3


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