Woodland management

Bluebells flowering on the woodland floor

Grown in Britain

The New Forest National Park Authority supports the Grown in BritainGrown in Britain tree logo campaign.

Grown in Britain is a movement that aims to:

1.    Create a new and stronger market ‘pull’ for the array of products derived from our forests and woodlands

2.    Develop private sector funding that supports the planting and management of forests and woodlands through funding from corporates as part of their corporate social responsibility

3.    Connect together and harness the positive energy and feelings towards our forests and woodlands that many in our society share to create a strong ‘wood culture’.  A wood culture that captures personal health and fitness, well-being, community and encourages use of more wood and forest products.

Grown in Britain has cross-Government support and the potential to make a lasting difference to the forests and woodlands of Britain.

View the Grown in Britain report on Creating a sustainable future for our woodlands and forests.

Visit www.growninbritain.org  for more information.

Learn about the New Forest's approach to the Government's Forestry and Woodland Policy.

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating woodlands
  3. Introduction to coppicing
  4. How to coppice
  5. Pollarding introduction
  6. How to pollard
  7. Ash tree dieback
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