Higher Level Stewardship


Europe's largest agri-environment scheme

Europe’s largest agri-environment scheme designed to restore and enhance  internationally-important habitats in the New Forest is making a real difference on the ground.

The New Forest Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) scheme – £19m of European money over 10 years – was announced in March 2010.

It was the result of a successful bid from a partnership between the Verderers, Commoners, New Forest National Park Authority, the Forestry Commission and Natural England.

The New Forest HLS funds:

  • The maintenance and restoration of internationally-important habitats for wildlife
  • The historic practice of commoning and the Verderers, who administer the Forest’s unique agricultural commoning practices which maintain the New Forest landscape
  • Improved access to and education about the area’s unique environment.

For more details, visit the HLS website at www.hlsnewforest.org.uk.

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