Community wildlife plans

Wildlife Champion: John Martin

What is your name?
John Martin (far left, above)

Which voluntary community group do you volunteer with?
Blackwater Conservation Group

What motivates you to volunteer?
An opportunity to do something constructive with my spare time and a chance to meet likeminded people who recognise that conservation requires active management to achieve specific purposes.

What sort of things do you do as a volunteer?
Chemical testing for Nitrates and Phosphates in the river water of the  Blackwater 
Removal of the invasive plant Himalayan Balsam

What are the highlights of volunteering with your group?
A satisfying sense of achievement both short term when you can see a tangible result on the day and also long term when you can see the effect of actions taken over a period of time.

How can people get involved with your group?
We welcome not only local individuals to join us but also the participation of groups wishing to take part in some form of corporate activity, or sports or youth groups wishing to do something different that is also constructive for their organisation. Please make initial contact with us through our website at 

Why would you recommend volunteering with your group?
The eradication of Himalayan Balsam is vitally important to the conservation of the Blackwater and its environments. This plant suppresses all other plant growth and leaves the ground bare and open to erosion during the winter months, which in turn causes erosion of the river banks and silting of the river bed to the detriment of invertebrates and spawning fish. From surveys already carried out, this is going to be a huge task and requires as many volunteers as we can get.

This is an opportunity to get out in the fresh air and do something constructive towards the preservation of the countryside and the river Blackwater.

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