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Project updates

The Milford-on-Sea group, the Milford Conservation Volunteers have produced a Biodiversity Action Plan for their area, which can be viewed and downloaded through the link above.

The MCV are now taking forward this plan and welcome new members to help survey and monitor the Parish’s wildlife. There are also opportunities to get involved in practical conservation tasks such as the removal of non-native invasive species such as Rhododendron from the Pleasure Grounds Woodland. Visit their website for further information


Landford and Wellow wildlife champions joined forces with others from Redlynch and Whiteparish through the project. This resulted in the Blackwater Conservation Group getting off the ground in May 2014. The group now run Himalayan balsam pulling volunteer tasks (through the summer) working with local landowners along the River Blackwater in Redlynch and Landford. They also do water quality monitoring both with nitrate and phosphate testing kits and stream invertebrate sampling.

In 2015 the group received £10,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund’s Sharing Heritage initiative which helps communities to develop understanding of their local heritage and promote this to the wider community. This funding enabled the volunteers to develop new skills in identifying and monitoring wildlife habitats along the river basin and assist with future monitoring and management of the river. For more invformation visit the Blackwater Conservation Group website.

The Friends of Ballard Water Meadow manage a wildflower meadow and woodland in New Milton on behalf of and in partnership with New Milton Town Council. Ballard Water Meadows now has Dexter cattle helping to manage the site. Contact them through 


The Long Meadow and Barton Common Community Group are interested in protecting New Milton Town Council’s  Long Meadow site. The meadow has the Becton Bunny stream running through it and a small woodland adjacent to it. New volunteers are needed to help survey the meadow and woodlands for wildlife and to help manage them. See their website for more information


Hordle Parish Council now has their new Hordle Community Wildlife Plan which includes a wildlife management plan for Dudley Avenue Recreation Field. Both are available from the Parish Office 


Wildlife champions in Godshill monitor ponds for important invertebrates and find out what moths and fungi can be found locally. There isn’t a formal community group set up but if you would like to get in touch to find out about fungi surveys please email Sue at


The Marchwood Conservation Volunteers, Marchwood parish Council and Marchwood residents got involved in wildlife surveys along the Magazine lane Stream through the project. The Marchwood Community Wildlife Plans Project was the first to be produced through the project. The Plan can be downloaded here.


Wellow and Landford also have their own Community Wildlife plans (which can be downloaded here). The Landford wildlife champions also work in their own parish to look after their local green spaces such as Landford Bog, a SSSI owned by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, and Maybush copse.


You can download presentations illustrating some of the work carried out through the project in 2012 and 2013, and some of the highlights through the three years from the links on the right. 


The Community Wildlife Plans Project has been using Living Record to capture wildlife and environmental data through the project. Living Record allows anyone to submit wildlife sightings and also can be taylored to specific projects. You can register on-line at

The project has worked with the developer of Living Record to define areas such as the Pleasure Grounds woodland in Milford-on-Sea and the catchment of the River Blackwater to aid recording and data evaluation. Users can download maps to illustrate their records, including records taken by a community group from a specific project. Wildlife champions involved with the project have been trained to use the system.

All records submitted on Living Record are lodged with the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre, where all the County’s biological data is managed and shared with national recording schemes and local authorities


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