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The New Forest is one of the most important areas in the UK and Western Europe for its wide range of plants and animals, or ‘biodiversity’.

However there is increasing concern that this biodiversity is declining because of human activities and threats from new pressures such as climate change.

At the same time, people are increasingly recognising that biodiversity is essential for our quality of life - providing opportunities for enjoyment, raw materials for economic activities and contributing to our health and well-being.

Although the Forest is unique because it has kept so much important biodiversity, a legacy of human influences plus an uncertain future means we cannot be complacent about caring for the New Forest.

We are leading the planning and coordination of future initiatives to conserve and enhance biodiversity.

To aid our work with partners an action plan Nature in the New Forest: action for biodiversity was approved as a working document by our members in September 2012. This sets out national challenges for biodiversity which affect the New Forest, proposes strategic objectives and actions and acts as a framework for ongoing partnership.

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