Feeding & petting ponies

A pony-proof litter bin

Pony-proof litter bins

The village of Burley is a particular hotspot for people feeding ponies and donkeys; it’s one of the busiest places in the New Forest and animals regularly stand around near the shops and car park.

For this reason, Burley was chosen, during 2010, as the first place to install pony-proof litter bins – 16 in total. The wood-clad bins have shallow openings for rubbish disposal which prevent the animals from pulling waste out of them. In addition, the bins carry an anti-litter message to keep the area clean and tidy: ‘Your food and litter could harm the ponies and donkeys. Please take yours home if this bin is full.’

The message about not feeding the animals is aimed at both local people and visitors. No-one should put the ponies and donkeys at risk of eating unsuitable food and litter.

The pony-proof litter bin project is a joint initiative between New Forest District Council (which provides and empties the bins) and the New Forest National Park Authority (which led on the message).

If funds can be found, more bins will be sited at other pony-feeding hotspots in the National Park.

Pony proof litter bin at burley

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