Commoners dwelling scheme

Commoners dwelling scheme panel

The role of the Commoners Dwelling Scheme Panel is to assess the eligibility of applicants to join the Scheme against a set of pre-determined criteria that includes:

  • The number of ponies turned out by the applicant - which needs to be a minimum of 5 ponies and/or cattle depastured for at least 7 years in succession
  • Whether the land to be built on has common rights of pasture
  • The extent to which the applicant can common (or not) from their existing dwelling
  • Whether the applicant has access to any other property to carry out his/her commoning activity
  • The amount of land owned by the applicant which must be a minimum of 2 acres in size
  • Whether the land has vehicular access
  • Consideration of whether the applicant's build costs are realistic and the availability of finance to fund the building
  • Consideration of any family history of commoning
  • Future commoning plans

In considering the information provided by the applicant, the Authority will seek the views of the Verderers and the Commoners Defence Association. For more information, please refer to the Guidance Notes and Application Form (see links on right).

The Panel currently comprises:

  • John Sanger (National Park Authority Member)
  • Penny Jackman (National Park Authority Reserve Member)
  • Diana Westerhoff (Verderer, appointed by the Verderers)
  • Sam Dovey (selected as a representative of the local community for his knowledge and understanding of commoning)
  • Clare Ings (National Park Authority Officer).

Panel meetings are convened as and when applications to join the scheme come forward. Where applicants are accepted onto the scheme, the panel produces a statement setting out its reasons and recommendation. Statements can be found in the links on the right.

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