Education resources

Children learning at the New Forest Show


These downloadable factsheets provide information on a range of key themes for those wishing to carry out a more in depth study of the national park.

Learn about the New Forest National Park

  • Key facts and figures
  • Designation and role of the National Park Authority

Learn about conservation

  • Conservation designations
  • Climate change

Learn about cultural heritage

  • Archaeology and heritage
  • Architecture and historic buildings

Learn about the history of the New Forest

  • The medieval forest
  • The influence of the Tudors
  • The New Forest at War

Learn about the landscape of the New Forest

  • Shaping the land

Learn about tourism and recreation

  • Facts and figures
  • Managing the impacts
  • Sustainable transport
  • Lyndhurst a classic honeypot site
  • Access

Learn about wildlife

  • Habitats of the National Park
  • Ecology and management
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