Planning your visit

Families visit the forest

Reducing your impact

The New Forest National Park is a unique and fragile environment, which is also home to many people. You can considerably reduce your group’s impact on the environment and help to conserve it for the future.

  • Choose a site which minimises the travelling distance within the Forest
  • Consider green transport options
  • Work in small groups to avoid blocking narrow pavements in Forest villages or footpaths on the open forest.
  • Ensure students (if carrying out questionnaires) are aware that residents may have been surveyed many times before
  • Check with the Forestry Commission Permissions Officer to avoid possible damage caused by simultaneous use of a site by several groups
  • Stick to the main paths on heathland during ground nesting bird season
  • Do not approach, touch or feed New Forest ponies, they are untamed and prefer to eat wild foods.
  • Take your litter home with you.

  1. Planning your visit
  2. Getting permission
  3. Reducing your impact (you are here)
  4. Staying safe & healthy


Further ways to reduce your impact

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