Amanita citrina, false deathcap

False deathcap

The False Deathcap (Amanita citrina) is a rather slender, delicate mushroom of a whitish ivory, or even light yellow, colour may frequently be found growing in mixed woodland, but the many areas in the New Forest with mature beech trees, are excellent habitats for them.  

It usually grows singularly, but there are often many fruiting bodies, in various stages of development, to be seen in any one area. It has a hemispherical cap covered with irregular yellowish scales, especially near the centre, some of which may be washed off by heavy rain leaving a smooth cap surface.  

The stem has a pendulous ring under the cap, which increases in thickness to ground level where it forms a bulbous base fringed by a rim of thin tissue and an obvious gutter.  

When smelt closely, it has a strong aroma of earth or new potatoes. It is poisonous but not as dangerous as the Deathcap.

Amanita citrina, false deathcap,

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