Woodland flowers

Narrow leaved lungwort

Narrow-leaved lungwort

The narrow-leaved lungwort is one of the New Forest's specialities. It is very rare in the UK and is only found in the New Forest, a few areas of east Dorset and the northern half of the Isle of Wight. The New Forest National Park holds the majority of the UK's population.

It is only found in grassy rides or path sides in the ancient deciduous woodlands on fairly fertile, clay soils. It is important that rides and small glades are kept open for this plant, but the deer also do a good job at maintaining small open areas in the woods.

Narrow-leaved lungwort flowers early in the year; the best time to see it is in April, often in the company of other stunning woodland flowers such as wood anemone or bluebell. Many of the old deciduous woods in the Beaulieu area are worth searching for this flower. A good site is along the footpath from Beaulieu to Bucklers Hard. One kilometre out of Beaulieu village lungwort grows in the first woodland glade you walk through.

ID tip - Narrow-leaved lungwort has fairly large green leaves with white spots on and heads of bright blue flowers that are usually pink in bud.

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