Woodland flowers

Wood anemone

Wood anemone

The wood anemone is a widespread and common species throughout the UK. In the New Forest there are some woods that have carpets of wood anemones, but they are also often found in small numbers at the edges of ancient oak woodlands. Wood anemones prefer a shaded canopy in summer, either from deciduous trees, or in the New Forest dense bracken provides the same effect. You'll therefore find many wood anemones growing in open areas before the bracken emerges.

One of the best displays of wood anemones is at Ivy Woods, just east of Brockenhurst along the B3055 towards Beaulieu. Park in the car park and look a little way into the woods, away from the roadside. Another good area to see them in the open before the bracken grows up is on the south side of the disused railway line at the north end of Holmsley Inclosure. Late April is the best time to see them in flower.

ID tip - Wood anemone is the only woodland flower that has six, or occasionally more, bright white petals in an open star shape. The back of each petal often has a pink or reddish hue.

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