Bog flowers



Bogbean is uncommon and scattered throughout England, but is more common in the wetter north and western areas, especially Scotland and Wales. However, in the New Forest it is fairly widespread and can be found in many of the open, well-vegetated pools.

Bogbean is a plant of still, shallow water on acid soils. The edges of open pools, and some wide ditches, are its favoured habitats in the New Forest.

The name bogbean comes from the shape of the leaves which are like those of the broad bean.  It flowers in April and May. One good site is at Beaulieu Road Heath. Take the path directly south from Shatterford car park and after a mile or so, look in the water either side of the boardwalk.

ID tip - Bogbean is easily recognised by its short spikes of star-like white flowers, which look hairy.

Photo: Anneli Salo

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