Bog flowers

Coral Necklace

Coral necklace

Coral necklace is a great rarity in the UK: outside the New Forest it is found in only a few locations in Cornwall. It was first found in the New Forest in 1920 and has spread since then.

This species is an annual and it grows in wet or inundated soils on gravelly tracks, pool and ditch margins and in very short damp grassland. It needs bare ground to seed into and will not grow if an area becomes too grassy.  Movements of animals and humans help to keep tracks open and disturbed, enabling coral necklace to continue to grow in the New Forest.

The flowers are out in July and August. It now grows on many damp track sides, but a good place to look is on the wetter sections of path around Beaulieu Road Heath.

ID tip - Coral necklace creeps along the ground. The stems are red, the small leaves are green, and the tiny white flowers grow in small clusters just above each pair of leaves. The flowers look almost fluffy and are unlike any other flowers you will see in the New Forest.

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