Heathland plants



The yellow flowers of tormentil are a common sight in any grassy area of the New Forest and it is common in acidic grassland throughout the UK. T

ormentil is one of the commonest heathland flowers and will grow in any open area on acid ground. It tends to prefer areas that do not get too dry and where the ground is stable, so short, grazed, open grasslands are the best habitat for it.

As well as occurring in the New Forest, tormentil is common in rough grassland nearer the coast and on the fringes of the Forest where the grass does not grow too long.

Tormentil requires areas to be grazed to prevent grasses getting too long and shading it out. This management favours many other species of grassland flower. You will easily find this plant on almost any grasslands in the New Forest from April through to August.

ID tip – Tormentil is the only yellow, four-petalled flower that has slight notches to the petals. It is a low-growing plant with red stems and smallish toothed leaves.

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