Dragonflies and damselflies

Golden ringed dragonfly

Golden-ringed dragonfly

This wonderful species is widespread in the New Forest and fairly common along many of the streams. In the UK it is also found in Scotland, Wales and the south-west of England.

Golden-ringed dragonflies breed in small, open streams on heaths and upland areas. They require open, running water, but not in large volumes. The heathland streams of the New Forest are ideal and they can often be seen patrolling the streams in ones or twos. They can also be seen out on the open heath away from water as they search for food or fly from one stream to another. The adults fly in June, July and August. Many of the New Forest streams will hold them and it is difficult to select any particular site that is better than the rest.

ID tip - Golden-ringed dragonflies are unmistakable. They are the biggest dragonfly we have and are banded black and gold, like huge thin wasps. It is wonderful to watch two males that meet along a stream. They will clash together, spiralling into the air before breaking off and continuing to patrol their chosen stretch of stream.

Photo credit: Simon Curson

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