Get involved with bats

Whether you are a bat expert, enthusaist, a keen gardener, or just want to help wildlife, there are many things you can do to help, both big and small.

Help with a survey

Bat-friendly building work and gardening

Build a bat box

  • Bat boxes are artificial roosts designed to encourage bats into areas where there are few roosting sites.


Remember you must hold a bat licence to be able to handle bats.

If you find an injured or orphaned bat in Hampshire, please contact the Bat Helpline run by Chris and Mike Pawling, who run the Hampshire Bat Hospital on Tel: 023 8061 7551 or Mob: 07850 155576. If there is no response contact Brian Edgeworth on Tel: 023 9255 2719.

Otherwise contact the National Bat Helpline - Tel: 0845 1300 228 or submit your query by email

Photo credit: Colleen Mainstone

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  3. New Forest bat species
  4. Rare bats and research
  5. Legal status of bats
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