Batty about bats

To some people they bring to mind vampires, Hallowe’en and horror stories.

But here at the New Forest National Park Authority, we know bats are fascinating animals full of many mysteries still left for us to discover.

The New Forest is a stronghold for bats and it is thought that 13 out of the 18 UK species can be found here (17 of which are known to breed in the UK).


The bat is the world’s only flying mammal – and they are a vital part of our native wildlife. Their presence indicates a healthy environment so their future is directly linked to our own quality of life.

Sadly a quarter of the world’s 1,100 bat species are threatened with extinction and bats are protected by law because their numbers have decreased so dramatically.

But the good news is we and our partners are doing some important work in the New Forest to protect them and you can help.

Read on to find out more about these amazing animals and how you can get involved in helping them to survive.

Photo credit: Colleen Mainstone

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  2. Bat facts
  3. New Forest bat species
  4. Rare bats and research
  5. Legal status of bats
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