Coastal heritage

Margaret Smith

Join divers as they explore the wreck of a metal dredger that sank in 1978 in the video above, and read its story below.

The Margaret Smith was a registered dredger and sand carrier of 309 tons, and got into difficulties on 28 June 1978 while off Cowes, carrying a cargo of gravel.

The ship had developed a severe list to starboard and the sea was washing across her deck when the Royal Navy helicopter from the Search and Rescue Flight at HMS Daedalus, Lee-on-Solent arrived. The crew were ordered to quickly jump into the water before the ship capsized. Within 30 seconds, Margaret Smith went right over and capsized, the diver and 4 crew were all winched aboard the helicopter to safety.

Today, the wreck remains substantially intact, lying on her side and standing 5 or 6 metres clear of the shingle seabed. Still looking very much like a ship, she has not yet begun to break up.

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