Coastal heritage

Diving in the New Forest

Watch the diver’s kit up with all their essential kit and then join them in the water of the Solent. Follow the links below to see videos of some of the shipwrecks they explored and more footage of what those wrecks look like on the seabed:

Humans have been using the sea for food, transport and war for thousands of years. In fact there is often as much archaeology underwater as there is on land in the form of ships, aircraft and submerged landscapes and settlements.

SCUBA divers along the New Forest coast and in the Solent are likely to discover a whole range of archaeology lying on the seabed.

    1. Coastal heritage
    2. Diving in the New Forest (you are here)
    3. Fenna
    4. Serrana
    5. Margaret Smith
    6. The War Knight


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