Ancient trees

Ancient Tree Hunt

The New Forest ancient tree hunt

The New Forest Ancient Tree Hunt was set up to help record as many of the ancient and veteran trees as possible within the New Forest National Park. It was run by the National Park Authority and the Forestry Commission and has no come to an end.

The Woodland Trust's interactive map shows the locations and details of all the trees recorded in the New Forest. Most are on publicly accessible land and so can be viewed at any time. However please note that a few are on privately owned land, and the landowner’s permission is needed to visit these trees.

All the records from the New Forest were sent to the national database held by the Woodland Trust, which includes the locations and details of ancient and veteran trees throughout the UK.

Go to the link below and click on the area of the New Forest which you are interested in zooming in on. To see all trees recorded in the New Forest, click on 'explore' and then tick all four boxes under 'ancient trees':

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