Tree Charter

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New Forest Tree of the Year

The New Forest is home to more ancient and veteran trees than anywhere else in Western Europe, with many dating back hundreds of years.

The search for the National Park’s most popular is over. Eight trees were shortlisted and put to a public vote, with the winner being announced at the 2017 New Forest Show.

The winner was Woodgren red oak, nominated by Debbie Vine. Second place went to Moyles Court oak, nominated by Malc Renyard and Bev Miller. Third place was awarded to Burley horse chesnut, nominated by Jeanne Wilde and Joan Smyth.

The eight shortlisted trees were:

  • Burley horse chestnut
  • Gritnam oak, Lyndhurst
  • Hampton Ridge crab apple
  • Minstead oak
  • Moyles Court oak
  • Rhinefield oak
  • Tiptoe lonely tree
  • Woodgreen oak

Nominations for the shortlist were for any tree that:

  • Has an interesting personal or historical story
  • Is a particularly impressive or unusual specimen
  • Has personal significance to the nominator
  • Is especially old for its species – an ancient or veteran tree.

The competition is one of a series of events throughout 2017 to mark the 800th anniversary of the implementation of the Forest Charter. This charter followed on from the Magna Carta and helped establish important rights for people in the New Forest.

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