Family Trees

Family Trees 2016

Family Trees 2016

During the closing weekend of National Tree Week (26 November – 4 December 2016) families once again came together to celebrate their loved ones by helping to plant a community woodland in the New Forest and mark the beginning of the tree planting season.

Over 300 people planted trees at Ashurst and Colbury Recreation Ground, choosing one of 13 native tree species, while children enjoyed designing fairy doors with the National Park Authority’s rangers.

Every group that took part in the tree planting received a free personalised certificate as a memento, dedicated to someone special or a memorable event in their life. Drawing competition winner Isla Rainbow had her design featured on this year’s certificate and had the honour of planting the first tree. Families said they were celebrating everything from their child’s birth, to wedding anniversaries and the life of a loved-one.

The Family Trees event received support from Ashurst and Colbury Parish Council and Wessex Tree Surgeons, with funding from Tesco Bags of Help.

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Quotes from the day

Family Trees 2016
Jessica Lock (above) from Southampton said: ‘We planted two trees, one for our son Jacob and the other for our friends’ little girl Bobbi. We saw the event advertised online and had never done anything like it before. We are really pleased to have something different to remember our son by and even though our friends couldn’t make it, it was lovely to be able to plant a tree on their behalf.’

Family Trees 2016
Graham Burgess (above) from Whitchurch attended with his family and said: ‘People who cared for each other used to plant two trees together, called a tryst planting. We planted two oak trees, one in celebration of my partner and the second commemorating Winston Churchill, marking 50 years since his death. The day was well organised and it was a wonderful chance to remember my partner and bring my family together to create a memory.’

Caroline Hubbard, Ashurst and Colbury Parish Chairman said: ‘The planting was a great success and a superb day for everyone involved. It brought together people from across the New Forest and beyond to celebrate family and friends, and help establish a new community woodland.

‘We were delighted that Ashurst and Colbury Recreation Ground was chosen as the site for this year’s planting. It was heart-warming to see people of all ages come together to create what will be a fantastic space for the community and future generations to enjoy.’

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