Boundary markers

Solent Way Lymington.

As you cross the boundary of the New Forest National Park you may spot a wooden marker displaying the logo of the National Park.

They are designed to reflect the history and landscape of the New Forest rather than stand out through the use of bright colours or reflective surfaces.

The markers are 1.5m high and are shaped like a tree trunk. They are made from Douglas fir from Lady Cross Inclosure near Brockenhurst, and oak from Lodgehill Inclosure near Lyndhurst and from Church Place, south of Ashurst.

The timber was sawn into planks at Soffes’ sawmill at Copythorne, and individually shaped, routed and painted, mostly at the Forestry Commission’s workshop in Burley. Of the 56 wooden markers, nine are on long distance footpaths (made with Douglas fir) and 37 are on roads (made with oak).

Four markers made from polycarbonate have been located on trunk roads and the motorway (A36 north and southbound, A31 and M27). Markers on these main roads needed special permission and assistance from the Highways Agency (now called Highways England). By using a proven safe mounting system we were able to resemble the wooden markers used on other routes, and ensure the markers comply with their safety regulations.

All the main vehicular entry points around the perimeter of the National Park are marked, a total of 60 locations. Many of the locations were identified by the local community and we worked closely with parish councils and Highway Authorities to ensure the markers were well-sited and safe. Together, they are a fitting and regular reminder to all who pass by, that the New Forest is a special place deserving of special care and attention.

Many minor footpaths enter the National Park and where possible, 75mm diameter zinc discs bearing a textured, unpainted logo of the National Park have been placed on existing posts at these locations.

We are keen to ensure all these markers are kept in good condition, so if you see one that has been damaged, please call us on 01590 646600 to report what needs to be done. Thank you.


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