Community toilet scheme

Wee for free!

The Community Toilet Scheme makes it easier for people with mobility difficulties to explore and enjoy more areas of the New Forest.

There are no public toilets in the north of the Forest, and throughout the whole Forest additional toilet facilities for the public kindly provided by businesses are very welcome.

New Forest Access for All originally developed the scheme with us because people with disabilities, senior citizens and parents with small children need to plan a day out and need to know that there are good toilet facilities near to where they want  to visit.

Businesses who are part of the scheme display a window sticker which shows the toilet facilities that they are able to offer. There are five different versions of the logo, the one below showing all facilities are on offer.

Although people do not need to buy anything, these businesses should have more residents and visitors coming into their shop, pub or restaurant and we hope people will support them and it will lead to an increase in their trade.

Click on the blue map locations below for full details of what facilities are available where.

Community toilet scheme

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