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Deer road traffic accidents

There are thousands of deer in the New Forest: in the open heathland, woodland and farmland. Because they can easily jump most fences, you may come across them almost anywhere – including the main fenced roads. They even find their way onto roads like the M27 and A31.

Each year there are road traffic accidents involving deer and because some of these are on faster roads, they can result in fatalities (or serious injuries) to drivers or passengers. Accidents are too widely and thinly distributed for signs to be much use – only particular hotspots are marked with the sign of the running deer. Especially at these locations, it’s a good idea to keep an eye open for deer on the road verges, and if you see one deer, expect there to be several close behind as they often gather, and cross the road, in groups.

Find out more about deer collisions at the National Deer-Vehicle Collisions website:

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